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Genocide for the greater good.

You know you want to...

7 November 1989
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This is me... however odd I may be, just disregard my other identities
This is myself... dont listen to this, "me" person... he tends to be a little rash...
THIS is I... i can tie cherry stems with my tongue! and fit bobby pins all the way up my nose!
AND FINALLY! THIS is Bob... Bob rules... that is all, lol

I'm a pretty normal person. I like to play games such as, "Wake the dead" and, "How many tacks does it take to put a human back together"... I enjoy listening to music, watching movies, I don't watch TV because all you do is just sit there and rot... I can tell you anything about me if you ask, just don't be horrified when you find out. I hate people who don't treat me like the homicidal freak I am, instead they treat me like your everyday human... EWW! Humans. Only good Deep fried... ehh, more here later. I have a way of killing people for their cookies?

"global domination"

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